I was on a chat with Frank concerning the situation of things in the country, with the emergence of Rtd Gen Mahmoud Ali as the Presidential Candidate of the National Front Party, a development that is still unveiling.

"Well I just hope he is that type of man, the Christian community in our nation is but a flock of "naives", as usual, expect the crook to affix one Christian name to his Alias, what else does it take to get their vote and support?" Was Frank's message to me, my message alarm boozed again and again and again as he pours out his rage and anger on these "Wealthy pot-bellied insatiable fag(s)" (In his own words)

He went on to vent how bad things have gone through the years, and what could be more provoking than our Youths championing the cause of these old flamboyant fags. I hurriedly replied him as I have gotten sick of the political talks that never yielded good. My interest have shifted to REVENGE!

Just 3 years ago , before the last election that saw the tyrant Ahmed come to power. Gen Mahmoud was his grand sponsor, the Gen openly donated $8 Million to the campaign budget of President Ahmed. But as with our leaders, their relationship have fallen off the hold, and the once godfather, is now a hopeful going against his supposed godson. Greedy men with zero discretion.

And then a call came into my phone....From Amaka.

The display of Amaka on my phone screen reminds me of Tuface's song...and how common this name have become with disappointments...and what more? Amaka has also disappointed me several times.

For weeks I have been trying to get Amaka over to my place but she is the workaholic feminist of RedChar Securities and is so much absorbed with helping criminals succeed than a romantic date. Mind you we have been dating for 3 years now. I respect her zeal a lot but she has been distant lately, too distant to even spend the weekend with me.

"Hi love" from my end

"Hi babe I'm coming over" 

I made for the fridge to see what i can get ready for her, she's a lover of cream drinks and I got chilled Barleys. Amaka will surely want to eat too, I called EatRight and placed an order. 

I got out to the balcony , immediately greeted by the View of the Eastern part of the city, the roofs responding to the energy of the sun with their glitters, a cluster of zincs shone from the center where we have the Market Square. The recent look gives a hint of what an aerial view of the city would look like. Almost reminds me of the post-colonial Ibadan!!! I leaned my hands on the balcony , sure to see anyone coming into the building. I pulled my weed pipe and lighted em. Took a slow puff and leaned back. I was on the 11th puff when the EatRight delivery guy arrived.

I called Amaka:

"Hey Mr Impatience I'm almost there" she said and hung up immediately. I realized I was stoned already. My brain is already singing "Amaka disappoint me" In Peruzzi's voice. 

I paid the Delivery guy and just as he was about leaving, Amaka walked in!