Erotic Room (1)

erotic room 1

I walked freely with the blowing breeze, and let loose the buttons of my sweat shirt to permit unobstructed aeration. I felt free, my thoughts were free and my cock was at peace. But I perspired despite the slow-steady cool-warm South-East Trade winds striking in a temporary euphoria through my melanin. I'm used to it, the Atlantic Trade winds, coming with its magic , I let myself drift in the perfection of the moment, almost closed my eyes, but the wind came again, this time polluted. I allowed it in again before concluding. I looked just behind me to see her. Its the third night....and its the right time.

I took four steps close, but it seemed far, so I took another 4 closer, this time I could smell her hair, make up, lipsticks, all constituents into that womanly smell that beckons for actions. My eyes read everything she wore, I already knew the clothes will be mine to take off so I made sure I didn't miss a spot. I took her hands and her head rose slowly with her eyes to meet mine. I was overwhelmed, I felt a rush of thoughts through me and I couldn't decide on letting her  to kiss me or taking the kiss to her, I was still contemplating before she came on me, my hands let loose and she fell into the warm comfort of my arms, I welcomed the tenderness of her body, as our two bodies press on each other, and my right hand dropped freely in a slow caress around her curves..,.slowly allowing my left hand to wander within her waist, my left went from the curves straight up to take her long hair in, I drew it closer and breathed slowly , taking in the same air as the breeze blew some minutes ago, I pressed her closer into my arms, the expression on her face changed as my hardness was felt on her thighs.......

''How long have you been here?''

 I asked softly, taking her lips into mine almost immediately, she made effort to say something. I didn't want to hear it! Our pheromones were communicating already. I kissed her slowly, taking acknowledgment of the act, and the softness of her waist muscles, and the way her lips submits to my tongue, we seized breath, our nose met, our heart beat at the same pace, my hardness was pressed to the region in between her thighs, there was strength in me, there was a heat gearing up, I let us drift away in a momentary elation as I kissed her with all the desires in me, I felt her weakening, and melting to my ''giving'' , she moaned slowly and fell to my arms, I turned her around and let my hardness onto her butt, my hands wound around her, I let her lead to the place of love making....slowly.

She walked me in, there was freshness in the room, it was dark except for the spark rays that fell from outside, The beddings were silky and looks comfy, It was a masters specific bedroom. There was nothing else in the room, the bathroom situates at the left edge corner. The bed roots at the right end. I made sure to avoid unnecessary and irrelevant objects in the sex room. The room walls were covered in blue Egyptian Curtains which gives the room a strange illumination on the bed. I led her slowly to the bed. The beauty of her body as the lights fail on it, the tenderness and the shyness she tries to conceal...all I find adorable. Slowly I bent  and planted a gentle kiss on her neck, and forehead, and lips.......''You're so beautiful...what a food for the gods''...I said. She smiled.

 ''And you have the most angelic smile ever''...

''Oh , you stop with the spoiling''...she said. Getting comfortable

''Its well deserved sweetness''.....I said

''Tell me about it??''

''Its not something I can help, your body inspires my mind, heart and cock!''  She laughed

I took time with the undressing, her top was first, as I take off the light yellow silk shirt, to unveil her shoulders, I breath on them softly, and let my tongue have a taste. I couldn't locate the skirt buttons so I tore them apart as my impatience rises. I took them off hastily with her under pants and ran my hands through her thighs, stopping at her butt level, I moved my hands around them, pressed on her butt lightly and smacked hard. She in a bit different tone. I rose to face her, and her boobs welcomed my eyes. I grabbed on them and sucked softly with steady nibbling, and my index made way into her , stroking her softly as I sucked on her nipples. Her waist whined. I let her drop. But continued, my thumb rubbed on her clit, and my index did the stroking, and she got wetter, I kissed on her chest and sucked deeply on it, and her boobs, and neck, and navel.....she moaned...and I kissed her lips again, fingering deeper, as she got more open, I let my index stroke still, and slowly, my tongue drops on her clit, softly brush the tip on her clit and sucked on it intensely as I stroke with my index. Her waist whined in all direction as she crave for my cock. Now drawing on my hands deeper into her, she pulled me closer and I fail on bed, she mounted me immediately, and took all of my hardness in, her boobs flung on my face , my hands wound around her waist as I stroked her from below. Going with same pace, our energy came together and our hearts worked on one thing. And we were one.