Electrification 4 (Red Passions)

erotic story by Vic

I have not taken time to notice her lightness until now, as she is hanged right in my arms, a few steps to the bathroom, I stared into her eyes and she smiled as she read the words in my stare. I let her drop off my arms as she made to stand, leaning her back on me...her soft butt pressing on my "still hardness". She dropped lustfully into my arms  and I wound my hands around her, my palms cupped her boobs and our body pressed onto each other, calling for deeper intimacy. 

She made to disengage from me but I let my hands drop on her waist...Those tiny waist and my hands fitted well around it, I drew her closer so she can feel my hardness on her butt again, and my breath on her neck side, I  could smell the rawness of her skin, shinning sexually in the dimly lit room. My breath passed on smoothly through her sensual parts, she moaned slowly as I kissed the side of her neck,,,whispering lustfully  into her ear at the same time....

"Baebie, I burn inside"
"I do too, please, i want you inside of me...and I want the lights off" 
She said,turning around to face me. Our foreheads came together, and our eyes too...in the darkness.

"Hmm, I've never tried the no light sex" I drew her closer again. This time our lips met involuntarily and we took a brisk kiss.

 "I promise you'll love it...the no light sex, its a sweet one" Anita said, slowly pulling her lips off.

 I wound my hands around her waist again as she turned to face the bathroom door, I let her lead to the bathroom with my hands on her curves. 

She took those Queenly steps to the bathroom, her butt twerking in slow motion.  I spanked her softly..my cock rising in pace and then I couldn't help pushing her against the wall by the bathroom door,as I engage her in a ravishing deep kiss, my hands running all over her body in a rush of emotions, she leaned her back on the wall as my weight pushed her against it, now she got her hands on my waist side, trying to pull my waist to press on her crotch. She stared into my eyes lustfully as she held my hardness,I kissed her now as I felt the rush of pleasure to devour her, she brushed my cock head on the surface of her pussy. I made a slow throb as  she guide my hardness slowly inside of her,I pushed her harder against the wall, and my waist throbbed slowly forward , burying half of my hardness inside her.

Have You Read Electrification?

I could feel the juices in her cumin out as i stroke her gently, she held on my shoulders and then wound her hands around my neck , moaning as I stroke her against the wall, she kept pulling me closer and then she took all my cock inside of her, her moaning became louder now and my stroking faster, her little tits looked so much like an art work on her light body build, she pulled me closer by the neck, bringing my face closer as my lips made for her hard nipples. She breathed in slowly, throwing her head aback as she puff her bust to the front...onto my chest. My lips covered her hard nipples and my tongue tip rubbed smoothly on her nipple, I nibbled her nipples as she whined in pleasure. I went on to her neck, kissing her slowly. 

She wound her hands tighter around me, and even pulled my waist deeper into her, I kept on stroking her, as my cock ravish her wetness, now she quickly disengaged and wound her legs around my waist, I gave her support as she climbed on me, I let her rest a little against the wall, carrying her  in my arms and stroking her , her pussy gushed juices more and more. She moaned louder now and then I carried her to the bed.

"Please, please turn off the lights" came Anita's voice, intoxicated with lust and seducing...just her voice!

I switched off the light as the room came to total darkness.I came to bed, she laid with her thighs apart, I came in between her thighs, she made it more open , as she welcomed me. My cock straight up slide inside of her ready pussy.  I stroked her deep and hard , real hard, I felt her juices drying up  we got real intimate. Her moaning was heart melting. 

"We need ice" I said.....and she nodded in affirmation. I got up and went to the fridge.


ice on her body erotic

I came back with ice on the steel bowl.  I picked one cube and  played it slowly from her thighs. She giggled as the ice moves slowly  through her thighs to her crotch side. 

"I want inside, I'm really fired" she said taking my hand and leading the ice towards her pussy. I let it move slowly as she giggles. The ice came to her clit, I let it stay there as my I slide my middle finger inside of her warm pussy...she giggled again and tucked her hips up in the air in pleasure.  I rubbed the ice on her clit softly as I finger her, and then I rubbed it all over her wet pussy and lead it up to her navel and through her tummy up, I drove pleasures through her veins, I felt her ignition rise, and rise with each pleasure I inflict. 
The cube almost melting out now so I let it stay on her pussy as I brought another cube, I rubbed it on her right nipple, as I rubbed my finger on the left nipple. 

"Please,just fuck me" she said turning around to give me the doggy position.  Her curves were so visible now as she crouches on all four. I grabbed her curves and drew them close to me.

"baby just fuck me , please" She said again, pushing her ass to me. I grabbed her ass with both hands as I penetrate her, stroking her from behind. 

I moved my hands allover her, and down below to her breasts, I held them tightly as I fuck her, my fingers tickling her nipples. And then she made to lay on her tummy now and I fell with her, still fucking her like that, I  sucked on her  neck as I fuck her deep.......


  1. Wow, very hot I'm waiting your next publication.By far my favorite sexual erotica author.

    1. Thanks sweetie , you're welcome 🇺🇸❤, I'm on it


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