Electrification (3)

Electrification 3

I was awoken by the feel of Anita's hair on my chest, plus the soft breath from her nose, her hands held around my waist. I opened my eyes and allowed my hands to wander through her curves. Anita and I have been best friends for 9 years now. It all started with a text beef in our music group, we got really close in no time as her family were contesting for the Maltina Family Dance Competition so I didn't have a hard time talking about stuffs.
I've already auditioned for Star Trek and MTN Project Fame and we talked about the bureaucracy of Nigerian Talent Hunts which focuses on your ability to perform rather than the "Talent" which involves your ability to create and initiate.

It's been years now and alot have happened. Whoever knew that after 9 years we'd find ourselves together. Anyways I'm now in Lagos and we can do all the things we have always talked about.

"Good morning Buzor"

 came her voice, hitting through my thoughts. I glide my fingers through her curves as I turn around to face her. The morning sun is still coming from the Eastern window and it made her hair shone, she smiled and I bet nothing could be more beautiful. I kissed warmly on her forehead as I reply her greeting..

"Morning sweets"

I made to get up but she held tightly on me, I let my legs entangle into her tender thighs as we engage in a close body cuddle. I could feel the warmth of her body and the warmth of her soul as our chests came together. She pressed her full boob's onto my chest.

I slid out from the covers and got on top of her, taking a clear look at her curvy body. She almost looks like a mermaid with the perfect curves. Her hips were small, her thighs were full and her legs stood in elegance. I felt a rush of attraction to her body as I started kissing all over her. I started with soft kisses, licking my tongue through her legs, breathing slowly on her soft skin. She moaned slowly and her body tickled with each given. I kissed slowly from her legs to her thighs, her hips whined up as my tongue got to her curves, licking softly and breathing softly on her curves. I could feel the alternation in her heartbeat.

I got stuck on what next but her body is a park of inspiration. I moved my hands tactfully through her legs and to her curves, and then she took my hand and led them to her paradise. I first rubbed my thumb on her clit, and then I rubbed it again, and then steadily before sliding my index into her. She was so FUCKING WET!.... And hot. I started stroking her with my index, her waist whining about in deep pleasure. I bent low and let my tongue tip drop on her clit as I finger her.

Right now we are all fired and my desires are burning, she got up and pushed me down to the bed, without giving me a choice, she got ontop of me and next I could feel my hardness going inside of her wet smooth inside. Euphoric it felt like as she rode me with so much power. I held on to her curves as she rode me, my hands brushing through her body.

I held onto her boobs, rubbing my finger tips on her nipples. Her riding became intense, my cock hitting her deepest spot.

"Where have you been all this while, all my life" 

Came Anita's voice as she drifts away in ecstasy. I drew her close down and kissed her deeply, holding my hands onto her hips I made her stop riding and I started stroking her from below. I stroked deep and intense too, and her juices were all over me. She moaned in slow depth as I turned her over and took control.

She made open her thighs as I come in between them, she held on to my cock and guided them into her. I kissed her lips as I started stroking again, deep and passionately. Her waist whined as I stroked her, she was moaning loudly now, and holding on to me, I stroked faster and deeper, we were gonna climax, she held me so tight and squeezed her inside muscles around my cock, making me cum in depth as we climaxed together.....

I got up and put my arms around her, she gave in to my strength as I carried her to the bathroom......