Electrification (1)...

The heaviness of the reality, the excruciating pain in my brain, the piercing in my heart, the dried tears on my chin, the redness of my eyes, the strength and gathered clouds of all emotions, of the pains and heartbreak. They were all let out as he stroke me with so much energy. But it wasn't just that, it was the taste of the wine in his lips as he kisses me, it was the intoxication we both shared, especially it was the soft play of Annie Lennox's ''No More I Love You's''.  It was the night Kelvin broke up with me. It was the night I had my best sex....with a stranger. My thighs made more and more open , widening as I welcome his hardness deeper and deeper, as he filled me in, filling in all the emotional wreck, I have never been so ravished. 

His stroking was constructed, and full of intent, hitting my spot, I wound my legs tighter around him, and it turned so passionate, his butt was soft, I pressed my foot onto them, he stroked real slow but deep and hard, we moaned slow, my whole nerves were electrified, the way he runs his palms firmly around my curves, the way he kisses my bottom lip, the way he sucked on my neck, and my shoulders, and the tongue licking he did on my chest felt like an immediate cure to my wreck. I allowed him, there was strength in his arms, power in his waist as he stroked me. he kissed me from my forehead and down, my breathing was tensed, he stopped at my boobs level, licked his tongue slowly around my boobs, slowly around the nipple, avoiding my nipples, I craved for a warm tongue , he slowly took in my nipples, sucked intensely, and nibbled me softly, as he stroke on me, slowly, the music was on repeat, My emotion was on constance. 

I moaned a bit louder now, as he stroke faster. 

He came back, this time with a plate of ice cubes.

I lay like the mighty Queen being foot rubbed with expensive ointments by her maidens. Slowly, he started on my foot, rubbing them gently with both hands, he kissed and licked my foot, from there, he ran his tongue through my leg, thighs and curves. He played his tongue tip on navel, took a cube of ice and placed it on my navel, he took it in with his mouth almost immediately, a sharp inexplicable sensation left me, he came again, licking his tongue on my navel, his tongue was cold from the ice, and he fingered me smoothly at the same time, there was fire in me, a heat in my inside, i let my thighs open, my eyes closed, I felt heaven, a feeling I believed no one have felt, the way the heat and fire in me disappeared as he dropped a piece of the cube on my clit, I whined, my hips moved up to the air, but even deeper ecstasy was when he licked the ice off with his tongue, brushing the warm tongue stylishly on the walls of my inside , he ran the tongue tip steadily on my clit, my heart was so fired, I moaned as his index came into fill me, I was going to explode...I thought. I  craved for some hard fucking but he teased on me, igniting all the organs of my body, I was lost in pleasure, I forgot the pains, I forgot the music, I forgot he was a stranger, I forgot everything, I forgot he was already inside of  me and stroking me to climax. I held him tight my hands embraced his strong body, I entwined my legs around him, as he stroke me, hitting my spot, I soaked of wetness, I was filled, I was full of passion, I was red...and he stroked me now until..

(writing section 2)