Electrification..... 2

09:21 PM...
Stefano unlocked the wooden door that barred his study room and the "other" room which connects the other rooms. The Beu 23X gold lustred phone made a move from his left front pocket to his palm as the door opened , as his thought box opened as well to welcome Priscilla in a mixture of flashes....clean charcoals.
"Call and ask about the debate project" and if they have been able to determine the easier way to come. Or just text her ... Stef typed fast as he shoved the door open with his right arm,

    "Hi, I'm thinking about you" .....09:25.(S)
He stepped into the room, pushing the door to closure. His phone beeped....new message from Priscilla.
"Hey..... me too, I was on with the monk from Ethiopia earlier....uhmm, did you have idea King Solomon was a Casanova? ......09:26 (P)
" That depends, to some of his friends he was a libertine, to some he wasn't more than roue...with a cock ring"...I'm sure! ......09:27..(S)
"Well, that's not funny....do you have a cock ring?".... 09:27.(P)

" Only if you have a waist bead"....09:27(S)
"Never heard of that.."...09:28(P)
Stef hung the last of his clothes on the wardrobe as he looks down involuntarily...almost..yes to check if his cock is still there...or to check if its hard...or just to check...Stef wondered how he's gotten used to this usual  ritual of looking down to his hardness.
" Yes......??.....09:30. (P)
"Yes..." Stef replied, almost immediately
"Yes, Solomon was a Casanova"
"Hmm, are you OK?...... 09:31(P)
" I can let you wear my bead....09:32(S)
"So men do wear that?
" Its mine, but I don't wear it, I guess its been waiting for you...welcome"
"What if I come unwell" I think the waist bead is highly enchanting but safe it for next time"..... 09:33(P)
" I'll be waiting!"


She came dressed way too conservative, Stef didn't or just couldn't give much thought to what she wore, but yet, he has to be chivalrous with this Lady-Of-Class. He let his arms drop around her in a welcome gesture, dropping lower to round her waist. The look in her eyes read  of shock and submission...and pride so she disengaged from Stef's hold and made some steps forward. Stef followed, a bit demoralized and hopeful. 

'' Wow, so where is the next destination of this ''your erotic journey''.. ? She asked as she takes to the couch.

''Erotic journey? That's really preposterous, would make a good porno title''.. Stef laughed softly and deeply. 

''Yes , I only give titles, I don't partake'' Priscilla starts to unbutton her shirt.

''I'd love to and I'd rather I take those off myself...please? Stef...almost pleads, feeling unneeded and even conquered.

She laughs. The shirt came off, and then the plain panties. Stef watched intensely, relaxed..with a slight increase in the pace of his heartbeat. She now stuns on her undies, an orange bra that concealed 60%  of her boobs, her nipples were concealed , Stef guessed on what its like. She had a black underpants that made a triangular coat of her treasure room and runs through her curves to her back, her butt was well guarded. It was an adorable piece, her skin shone a bit, she looked different and Stef stared intensely, trying to place hands on what the specialness is. Her boobs looked like they would get bigger tomorrow...her tummy was a puzzle so Stef concluded she may  be a Primigravida, and he has to take his time. 

Stef stood and stepped closer to face her, hands taking charge of her curves almost immediately, she let her head fell onto his chest, Stef drew her closer. He tried to stare into her eyes but they were closed already, He kissed her forehead..gently. Prisc felt his hardness pressing more strongly on her, she felt them , they hardened to her grip.  Stef pressed on her butt, she gripped on his cock harder as he did, he smacked hard and she let go of the cock.

"Bad girl huh"... Stef murmured softly. Pushing her slowly to the sofa. " Your body is a cock hardener I'd confess...I'm still wondering what it is about you"..... She kept mum...but her breathing was unsteady. The bra came off as she is laid to comfort, unveiling a set of boobs that looked like that of the earth mom, I'd say her boobs are...somewhat matured....from lactations I guess. She laid down on the sofa, full of expectations, Stef took her hands, pressed on them and had it tied together with the bra, he positioned her legs at good angles , taking off her underpants slowly, Stef breath on her foot, kissing her ankles now and then as her breath seized. He kissed her all from her legs to her thighs..straight up to engulf her lips in a deep kiss. Stef's lips came into contact with hers, both opened for a mouth embrace....Stef withdrew....she felt exhausted. 

Stef took time to relax her, as he ran kisses through her tummy and curves, licking them slowly, the warmth of his tongue mapped all over her, sending chills and heat to her nipples and inside in respect. She wanted that warm tongue to brush on her nipples, she wanted them on her clit, she wanted them everywhere, she craved for a feeling but can only have what is being given. She let her eyes close as Stef withdrew his tongue, she was hungry for satisfaction, she felt starved and yet it was a good feeling, the craving intensified her desire and the thought of being filled in ....somehow she felt good or not but she felt good. Her eyes closed even tighter as Stef slowly rubs his oily thumb around her clit, she felt her heart sinking in pleasure, all wired and fired...even fried. There was emptiness in his fingering, and she couldn't help the whining within her waist joint, a feeling of spark and lust. Priscilla held on to Stef's hand and drew him real close, he fell on her slowly as she grabbed on his cock with her left hand and lead it the right way, slowly buried it inside of her. She was even amazed, she took it all in...it may true! She's actually going to have her first baby. 

The thought of baby rescened to an image  of a flock of  red ostriches over a lily field. She wanted to stay there and let her thighs apart, and let him stroke her till she passes out. Stef stroke with strength and emotion, she was so wet...he thought. Priscilla let her eyes drop now and then as he comes , sometimes he comes hard and fast, sometimes slow and hard, sometimes its just euphoric. She felt good and didn't want him to stop...even as ......

The be continued.......