After 2 AM

My legs disentangled, almost involuntarily . I crossed them again,  as I rub both thighs together,  trying to give the most unnoticed reaction , because the space in between my legs are heated,  there's a feeling of warmth and wetness dripping out from my crotch.  I couldn't  help my waist  moving in the air.....

"and I'd whisper all the "bad" things softly into your ear, with my index buried inside of you....." he said.

I felt a stillness in my pleasure,  and then an explosion.  I breathed in,  and out, with closed eyes.  I didn't want to see him coming at me,  but I the air carried his scent  closer.

I opened up to let him in,  no teasing needed for I'm fucking wet already!

I laid,  waiting on him to fall on me and fill me in...and take me on a rampage. I was so ready,  I needed that power stroking,  needed those energies around his waist, needed to feel all that power...i was so expectant. I was gonna beg on him,  the Spanish in me is already begging..."por favor papi " , my curves went deep down the bed,  and rose up again. I felt him on me now,  his hands firm on my curves,  his weight half on me,  he kissed my chest first....i calmed.  He kissed my forehead,  and took my lips into his mouth....i touched on his cock.  He started kissing me everywhere,  and biting all over my body. He cupped my boobs with both hands and tickled my nipples,  I shivered.... And now I know my clit really needs some attention. He grabbed on my left boob and sucked intensely,  rubbing his tongue tip slowly on my nipples,  biting them sometimes,  sucking it deep sometimes,  and my pleasure kept alternating. I'm heated up....... Fired!  I want to be fucked!

It's becoming a tease and I'm dying to climax,  my excitement is red... Dangerous. I felt his dick touching on me,  I took it with my left hand and rubbed it slowly on my clit as he sucked on my boobs. He got harder as I rub em,  corrupting his cock head with my juice...slowly I felt his lips depart my boobs,  and land on my neck.. He bite me and sucked on my neck,  I slowly slide  his cock  inside,  he moved in smoothly... Fully inside of me,  I was filled in and ready to be ravished.  I spread my legs further, and then wrapped it around him,  I've craved this part and I want it all.  He stroke me slowly but intently,  hitting the spot and keeping a uniform pace with his strokes. And then he came faster now,  I held my arms around his neck,  spreading my legs further apart with each of his stroke....

It felt so good,  I was gonna cum,  he took my lips again,  but I took control this time,  deep kissing his tongue on my way to climax,  I got wetter with each stroking, I held him tight,  kissed him so deep,  his hard cock was inside of me and his stroking was emotional,  we were on that bonding state,  cumin together or I thought we were....  

Almost gonna climax now,  but this feeling is deep,  I don't want it to stop,  I don't wanna forget I'm still writing it..... 


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