Prologue To Breakfast In Bed

Erotic story... Breakfast In bed
Its been almost 7 months of our dating, alot has happened, the good, the bad and the painful. In the last event that happened, we found ourselves in the most vulnerable state, so vulnerable that we acted with the intent to hurt. Even its been days since the worse happened, and it all seems like a dream to me, the books I read try to convince me to give up, the books had their words of motivation but yet they lack reason(s), as i pass through this hurt. But in everything I do not know what is my impetus to fight for love. I just found myself fighting, yes I'm fully aware of the insults and brake of ethics.
Obviousy love kills. I listened to many people talk about their heart being broken and how they dealt with it, I was like...''You guys weren't probably in love'' . Because what i feel is too strong, deep and red, too much to be buried, too deep to be swallowed by rationale. Its just unbelievable....and I refuse to accept that reality.
So we got into a heated state, we got confused and MY LOVE had to go back to her ex for comfort because I hurt her with WORDS. I found myself being all silly and funny.
I googled...''why did my girlfriend went back to her ex''...I didn't get any reasonable answer. I googled...''why do women cheat''. Not still enough reasons to quelm my burning heart. I googled ''how to deal with heartbreak''...nothing still!! so I gave up on google.
This has to do with my heart and emotions. I thought I should deal with it. So I begged her still, i didn't count the wrongs we did to each other. I just wanted her back, I just wanted her, I was weak, broken and helpless....because I love her and I love to love her... But while I begged on....she was in another mans arms. I sought strength, this is a girl I love, nothing helps, nothing can help me here unless she comes back and heal my heart.
This was it ,I asked to meet her again so we can talk things over. She Agreed!!! I love her and I can't stop thinking of the upcoming moment we are gonna spend together, I would love her, I would adore her curves, I would kiss and whisper sweet nothings into her ear, I would pass my breath through her curves, I'd kiss her everywhere, I'd do everything I miss doing....everything that she allowed me to do, everything that paved the way for me to fall helplessly in love...and I can't accept there is a life without you...My Love.
I thought about how to please and make her heart turn back to me. I thought...I'd love her from 4 in the morning, I'd wake her up with my love...I'd kiss her forehead and Whisper good morning into her ear....and I'd tell her to lay right there as I bring her...Breakfast In Bed.

Breakfast In Bed

I always had the fantasy of waking up in the middle of the night to enjoy that dark and unsafe moment with my love. With all the emotions garnered, with the calmness and scary darkness of the night, as intense as nature is. . So will our emotions be. And we would make love into the deep dark night...and I'd stroke her with all my love, and I'd Fuck her nicely till we climax and then we can cuddle into the morning .
I thought as I'd wake up, and felt her body next to me, as inviting as ever. It feels like rubber when i caress her curves and it drives desires into me, making me hard and overwhelmed at the same time. I started touching her, my hands moved slowly from her waist curves through her ribs and back down to her butt. I'm sure she could feel my hardness against her, pressing so hard on her body and my undie is already stained with precum of lust. I let my palm rest on her curve and then i kissed her shoulder joint, licking my tongue on em, I kissed her neck softly and then slowly moved my tongue to lick her ear, my hands moved tactfully down, rubbing on her thighs and then i let my finger glide through her thighs. I kissed her down , from her shoulders to , her hands and slowly to her curves, she giggled, i licked my tongue through her curves and let it slide down to her butt, I kissed it deeply and even bite it....she giggled again... I made to get up a bit so my lips could get to her chest. I planted a warm kiss on her bare chest and ran my tongue down to her nipples. I rolled my tongue around her nipple as it turns hard, i sucked it with love. I sucked deeply on the nipple, letting my hands move around her curves, and slowly slide inside her honeypot. It was so warm...and creamy. I slide my index inside her, soaking in her wetness I brought it out and had a taste of it. I rubbed my palm on her tummy, and moved it up to her boobs, cupping them, I pressed em firmly. She gave a deep breath of yearnings, stretched her body and then I noticed her hips whining as I finger her with my index. Slowly, She detached from me and slowly said....''I'm sleepy and tired''.
I kissed her shoulder joint again, and bid her to sleep more then, its just 04:28AM and I have better plans for the morning...and you can't imagine my plans of a natural Breakfast In Bed.
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