Saturday, 11 February 2017

Erotic Room (1.1)

''Why, do come closer my love...I have soft whispers for your ear''.....  
.''I'd rather stay here, tell me what you want to do? me''.

''Won't you rather I do than tell?

''I'd love to hear it, that's what I want and...

She drew closer , I tried to take her hands but she held them aback and made straight up to me, slowly bent, I smelled the freshness of her body. She climbed on me in a straddle-my-saddle  posture. Her butt suppressed on my hardness.

''Such a wide wide girl''

''My name is Do..., so tell me what you have in mind and cock for me'' 

I laughed at the unusual bravery..or pretense...who knows. She whined around as she was on me and took the glass of wine off my hand. She leaned low, closer to my mouth and kissed me slowly, sipped from the GOW. Its a sweet torment.

''If my hands were around your backside, and my cock hard against your butt, slowly let my hands move in a firm caress through your curves and up to cup your boobs. Breath on through your shoulders, your hair and a passionate kiss on your neck....

''To the sofa please, make passionate love to me''

I glide my left fingers to and fro her back as my right caresses her curves, the alternation in her heartbeat rose,  I slowly laid her down to the sofa, her eyes were low and sensual, there was craving and impatience in them. Willfully she made open her thighs and beckoned me to come to her.  I made in between her thighs as she held my hardness , and pulled me into her, slowly soaking in the wetness and warmness until I filled her in. Her legs were wound around me with the foot pressed onto my butt, face on face in a French kiss, she held me tighter with each stroking, and her boobs pressed onto my chest, coming together in a sensual collision. I stroked with passion, slow, gentle, hard and ''fastslow''. ....I ....

''Its Okay, I'm so fired up, lets do this''... Do...said, ''unstraddling'' me. I took  the GOW from her and....

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