Corruption (1)

''I think I'm too orthodox to wander into such sexual anomalies with you, no offense but I am well trained''....Sheba said, relaxing loosely on me, I smiled. I took a look at her perfect figure, as she lay halfly on me, my arms contained her slender shoulders, her hair rested on my chest and I beheld a thorough look of her boobs, ummm....can't miss those Queenly legs.

I thought, nothing she can do to upset my mood, not with all that charm.My feelings were uniform...pure lust and her body inspires cravings.

''You know, many girls think I want to have sex with them, I said amidst smiles..''I mean, I have come to believe they must think I am horny or something, but thank God i already had sex so I am not interested''. I stopped, thinking of how to support whatever nonsense I just said.

She was silent. Surely because I made no sense or she had not enough to comprehend.

...''baby..., there  is this song playing on repeat in my head'' I said, in the lowest tone.

''Tell me'' she said..
''I have to recall the title, can't get it out of what I am trying to say is, before now , you had me playing love songs on repeat, just so i could reminisce on us with the lyrics''


''yes, back to our initial talk...I'd love to go sanguine with you''.

''Will you tell me what it its like?....she asked.

''Just a taste of pain and pleasure, love.

To be continued......