Saturday, 25 February 2017

Edited version erotic room 1

I walked freely with the blowing breeze, and let loose the buttons of my sweat shirt to permit unobstructed aeration.
 I felt free, my thoughts were free and my cock was at peace. However, I perspired. Despite the slow-steady, cool-warm South-East Trade winds striking me, a temporary euphoria raced through my melanin. I'm used to the Atlantic Trade winds, coming with its unique magic.  I let myself drift in the perfection of the moment, almost closed my eyes. The wind came again, this time polluted. I allowed it in as before, I looked just behind me to see her. Its the third night, its the right time.

I took four steps, but it seemed too far, so I took another 4, this time I could smell her, her hair, her make up, her lipstick, her handbag. It all constituted into that womanly smell, it called for my action. My eyes read everything she wore, I already knew her clothes would be mine to take off, so I made sure I didn't miss a thing. 

I took hold of her hand, her head rose slowly, her eyes met mine. I was overwhelmed, I felt a rush of thoughts go through me and I couldn't decide. Should I let her kiss me or take the challenge and kiss her. As I was contemplating she came to me, my hand released hers and she fell into the warm comfort of my arms.

I welcomed the tenderness of her body. Our two bodies pressed into each other, my right hand dropped freely in a slow caress around her curves. My left hand to wandered around her waist, straight up to grasp the tendrils of her long hair.

 I drew her closer, breathing slowly, taking in all of the intoxicating smells of her as the breeze blew passed us. The closer into my arms she got, the more of an expression displayed crossed her face. She changed as she felt my hardness press against her thigh.

''How long have you been here?''  I asked softly, taking her lips into mine almost immediately. 

She made little effort to say something. I didn't want to hear it! 

Our pheromones were communicating already. I kissed her slowly, taking acknowledgment of the act, the softness of her waist, the way her lips submitted to my tongue, we seized to breath, our noses met, our hearts beat at the same pace, my hardness was pressed between her thighs.

There was strength in me, there was heat firing up, I let it us drift away into a momentary elation. I kissed her in eagerness, desires within me. I could feel her weakening to my ''giving'', she moaned slowly and fell into my arms again.

I turned her around and let my hardness press onto her ass, my hands around her, I let her lead to the place of love making . . . slowly.

She walked me into the arranged room, there was a sense of freshness, it was dark except for the spark of rays that fell from outside.The bedding looked comfortable and silky, it was a masters suite. There was nothing else in the room. The bathroom was situated in the far left corner. 

I made sure to avoid all unnecessary and irrelevant objects in the sex room. The walls were covered in Blue Egyptian Curtains which gave the room a strange illumination. 

I led her slowly to the bed. The lights that fell onto her body showed her beauty, tenderness and shyness that she tries to conceal. All of which I find to be adorable. 
I Slowly bent and gave her a gentle kiss on her neck, forehead, lips''You're so beautiful...what a food for the gods''...I said. She smiled.

 ''And you have the most angelic smile ever''

''Oh , you stop with the spoiling''...she said. Getting comfortable

''Its well deserved sweetness'' I said

''Tell me about it??''

''Its not something I can tell you, your body it just inspires my mind, heart and cock!''  She laughed

I took time with undressing, her blouse was first, the pale yellow silk, was unbuttoned to slowly unveil her shoulders, I teased her by softly blowing  and kissing them.  I couldn't locate the skirt buttons so I tore her flowing red silk skirt apart as my impatience rised. 

My hands gently caressed her thighs, stopping at her ass, I moved my hands around lightly and smacked her ass hard. She moaned. 

In a bit of a different tone. I rose to face her, and her nipples welcomed my eyes. I grabbed them and sucked softly with steady nibbling, as my index finger made it's way into her. 

Her waist whined. I let her drop. I continued, my thumb rubbing on her clit, and my index finger playing inside of her pussy, she got wetter, I kissed on her chest and sucked deeply on her nipples, neck, and navel, she moaned and I kissed her lips again. My index finger going deeper, as she opened up for me. 

Slowly, my tongue drops on her clit, softly brushing the tip of her clit and sucking intensely as I stroke her with my index finger. 

Her waist jerked in all directions as she craved more and more for my cock. Now drawing my hand deeper into her soaking wet pussy. She pulled me closer to her, I fell on the bed, my hand and face immediately leaving the confines of her beautiful wet pussy. 

She mounted me immediately, and took all of my hardness in, her tits flung on my face, my hands tight around her waist. We were together one.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The horny god (on a visit it Trashit 1)

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Electrification..... 2

09:21 PM...
Stefano unlocked the wooden door that barred his study room and the "other" room which connects the other rooms. The Beu 23X gold lustred phone made a move from his left front pocket to his palm as the door opened , as his thought box opened as well to welcome Priscilla in a mixture of flashes....clean charcoals.
"Call and ask about the debate project" and if they have been able to determine the easier way to come. Or just text her ... Stef typed fast as he shoved the door open with his right arm,

Friday, 17 February 2017

Electrification... (2).....coming soon (0-0)

Oh yah...get ready to be ignited.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Electrification (1)...

The heaviness of the reality, the excruciating pain in my brain, the piercing in my heart, the dried tears on my chin, the redness of my eyes, the strength and gathered clouds of all emotions, of the pains and heartbreak. They were all let out as he stroke me with so much energy. But it wasn't just that, it was the taste of the wine in his lips as he kisses me, it was the intoxication we both shared, especially it was the soft play of Annie Lennox's ''No More I Love You's''.  It was the night Kelvin broke up with me. It was the night I had my best sex....with a stranger. My thighs made more and more open , widening as I welcome his hardness deeper and deeper, as he filled me in, filling in all the emotional wreck, I have never been so ravished. 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Erotic Room (1.1)

''Why, do come closer my love...I have soft whispers for your ear''.....  
.''I'd rather stay here, tell me what you want to do? me''.

''Won't you rather I do than tell?

''I'd love to hear it, that's what I want and...

Friday, 10 February 2017


Hi readers,

I wish to thank you for reading, please do share with your clique too. I'm going to be publishing a second Eroticstory in the next 20 hours, please stay updated.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Erotic Room (1)

I walked freely with the blowing breeze, and let loose the buttons of my sweat shirt to permit unobstructed aeration. I felt free, my thoughts were free and my cock was at peace. But I perspired despite the slow-steady cool-warm South-East Trade winds striking in a temporary euphoria through my melanin. I'm used to it, the Atlantic Trade winds, coming with its magic , I let myself drift in the perfection of the moment, almost closed my eyes, but the wind came again, this time polluted. I allowed it in again before concluding. I looked just behind me to see her. Its the third night....and its the right time.